Cargo Ensurity

Monitor your shipment's location and status in real-time.

When goods leave your warehouse, they may travel long distances and change hands several times in your logistics chain before reaching their final destination. With Cargo Ensurity, you can see exactly where your shipment is and take immediate action on unexpected detours.

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Can be covertly hidden inside the package that needs to be tracked

Long battery life

Lasts for thousands of miles on a single charge

Secure tracking portal

Monitor devices in real-time, across multiple locations

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How it works

Hide Cargo Ensurity in the object that needs to be tracked

Its small size makes it easy to hide in packages of all sizes.

Use our simple web interface to monitor and set alerts

Setup triggers and notification preferences based on the route and departure/arrival points.

If the cargo goes off-route

Get instant texts & emails on your pre-configured channels.

Alert law enforcement

They can access full tracking information via our unique one-click tracking. No need to download additional software or login to a website.

We've deployed thousands of tracking devices, giving real-time visibility to businesses and law enforcement.

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