Phone Ensurity

Protects and ensures recovery of electronic goods.

Phone Ensurity is a small tracker that is hidden inside OEM packaging. The final product is indistinguishable from the genuine article. Even on opening the box, there is no giving away of the tracker's presence.

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Phone Ensurity can be made to look like any mobile phone, tablet or electronic device

Long battery life

Can last up to years on a single charge (depending on operating conditions)

Easy to deploy

Place the device anywhere in the store and it is activated automatically

No training required

Devices can be handled by staff without the risk of triggering an alarm

Secure tracking portal

Monitor devices and track inventory in real-time, across multiple locations

24/7 live monitoring

If we spot anything unusual, we will alert you and coordinate with law enforcement

Backed by our 24/7/365 monitoring center

Our monitoring center is UL listed and has achieved a Five Diamond Certification from The Monitoring Association (TMA) - their highest stamp of approval.

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How it works

Place Phone Ensurity with regular devices

Phone Ensurity looks like any other packaged smartphone, tablet or other digital device. Place it with others of its kind, and it will blend right in.

Use our simple web interface to monitor and set alerts

We create a geofence around your store, office, warehouse, or any other location and as long as it's inside that geofence, Phone Ensurity will not be triggered.

In case of a burglary or robbery

Or any suspicious activity, get instant texts & emails on your pre-configured channels.

Our 24/7/365 monitoring center jumps into action

We'll call you to confirm what happened and will dispatch law enforcement accordingly. Our unique one-click tracking means officers won't have to download additional software or login to a website.


Aided by Phone Ensurity's pin-point accuracy law enforcement officers will be able to apprehend the suspect(s) and recover stolen goods.

We've deployed thousands of tracking devices, giving real-time visibility to businesses and law enforcement.

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