Ensurity provides discreet reliable tracking and 24/7 monitoring of your Mobile Phone Inventory.

Watch the Phone Ensurity video below for a full description.

The cellular phone industry has become a major target for criminals seeking high-end products that are easy to resell.


Hidden in plain sight Phone Ensurity is placed inside conventional packaging to blend in with the cell phone inventory in your store. The device can be placed anywhere and will "sleep" for up to 4 years on one charge until activated by motion.

Once the motion trigger is activated our CSAA 5 Diamond 24x7 monitoring center will track the location of the Phone Ensurity device in real-time and dispatch authorities for a quick recovery of your products. 


No Installation required, no batteries to charge, no complicated setup or maintenance required. 

Simply set the Phone Ensurity device with your mobile phone inventory and leave the rest to us.