Get enterprise-grade security for your inventory.
Without breaking the bank.

We make custom GPS trackers that can be embedded in practically anything. Track any asset in real-time and get instant alerts if something goes wrong. And with our 24/7 monitoring, get help from law enforcement seamlessly.

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Phone Ensurity

Secure high-tech merchandise with real-time tracking

Smartphones are some of the most stolen items in the world. If you sell electronic goods like cellphones, tablets and smartwatches your store is a potential target. Phone Ensurity can help you recover stolen merchandise and mitigate losses.

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Asset Ensurity

Track high-end inventory with extreme accuracy

Organized Retail Crime (ORC) is a multi-billion dollar a year problem in the US and luxury goods are a very lucrative target for theft and resale. Asset Ensurity can be hidden in a wide variety of valuables which can then be easily tracked.

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Cargo Ensurity

Gain a competitive edge by boosting your supply chain visibility

When goods leave your warehouse, they may travel thousands of miles and go through many different distribution points before arriving at their final destination. With Cargo Ensurity, get end-to-end tracking and always know where your inventory is.

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Crack down on crime quickly and efficiently

E-Pursuit helps law enforcement officials track and apprehend criminals. It can be hidden in bait or decoy objects or attached to vehicles to get real-time GPS tracking.

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Batt Ensurity

Safeguard installed hardware with live monitoring

Companies are facing a continuing battle as battery theft incidents rise steadily. Commercial batteries are a valuable resource and replacing them is not only expensive, but also causes significant downtime. Batt Ensurity can help you monitor your investment and recover stolen inventory.

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We've deployed thousands of tracking devices, giving real-time visibility to businesses and law enforcement.

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