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Comprehensive Law Enforcement Solutions

We are committed to providing simple and effective GPS tracking solutions to enhance law enforcement operations. Our user-friendly interfaces and easy deployment options make it easier for law enforcement personnel to use our solutions without extensive training. Our solutions can be employed in various ways to track down stolen mail, for example, or recover pilfered vehicles.

Equipped with automatic charging and pinpoint accuracy, our law enforcement solutions enable agencies to apprehend suspects and recover stolen goods with incredible accuracy. From thwarting ORC operations to safeguarding communities against various threats, Ensurity's law enforcement solutions are the cornerstone of strategic, forward-thinking security measures and set a new standard for crime prevention and protection.


Vehicle tracking

With Ensurity's custom tracking solutions, law enforcement agencies can track vehicles with precision and accuracy, aiding in suspect pursuit and property recovery. Our devices can be discreetly attached to vehicles, whether investigating theft or monitoring suspicious activity, our solutions empower law enforcement agencies to take swift action.

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Package theft investigations

Package theft is a significant concern for both individuals and businesses. However, by discreetly embedding our devices into mail packages, law enforcement can monitor their movement and gather crucial evidence for investigations.

Asset recovery operations

Ensurity's covert GPS tracking devices simplify asset recovery operations by providing real-time location data and actionable insights. Our devices can be deployed in various scenarios, from tracking stolen electronics to recovering misappropriated medical supplies.

Asset recovery

Surveillance support

Our covert GPS tracking solutions enhance surveillance capabilities by providing discreet monitoring devices that allow law enforcement agencies to gather intelligence without raising suspicion. With Ensurity's surveillance support, law enforcement agencies can conduct covert operations more effectively and gather valuable evidence for investigations.

Controlled deliveries

With Ensurity's innovative covert GPS solutions, law enforcement agencies and investigators can dismantle criminal networks by identifying individuals involved. Conduct controlled deliveries with heightened precision and control and gather critical evidence to effectively combat smuggling of contraband. Accurately track shipments to destinations and identify exact time and location packages were opened using integrated light sensor and break wire technology. The ability to monitor the entire chain of events, from first delivery to the final recipient provides timestamped evidence for prosecution, resulting in measurably reducing criminal activity.