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We Are Transforming Retail Security

In today's challenging retail landscape, innovative security solutions are not just advantageous; they're essential. At Ensurity, we understand the profound impact that security measures can have on your business's bottom line and the safety of your customers and staff. That's why each solution we craft is carefully tailored to keep your assets secure.

Our covert retail tracking devices can be seamlessly embedded into merchandise, enabling real-time monitoring for motion and alerting you to potential theft - inside and outside the store premises. The dispatching team is always ready and on standby 24/7/365 to provide swift and effective assistance in response to any security threat. From tracking product movement to investigating cargo theft and organized retail crime, Ensurity supports comprehensive investigations and internal supply chain monitoring, enhancing security at every step.

Instore Robberies

Our innovative retail tracking devices can be covertly incorporated into any type of merchandise to provide real-time feedback and alert you to suspicious activity. The likelihood of apprehension after theft events is bolstered by our customisable dispatch solutions and impressive battery life. With one-click tracking and a UL-certified SOC for secure data storage, Ensurity provides unmatched convenience and reliability for retailers and law enforcement alike.

Supply Chain Theft

Supply Chain Theft

Our covert tracking devices safeguard your products at every stage of the supply chain journey: From warehouse to final destination, our solutions provide invaluable insights to prevent and address supply chain theft quickly. Ensurity's solutions are designed to support comprehensive investigations and enhance security across the retail sector. You can use it for everything from internal supply chain investigations to long-term deployments to understand organized retail crime rings.

Consumer Electronics

Allowing indistinguishable integration into merchandise or cargo, our covert GPS tracking solutions provide unparalleled protection for high-value items like smartphones, tablets, and other electronic goods. With a focus on innovation and reliability, our solutions boast extended battery life, ensuring continuous protection without the need for frequent recharging. Plus, you can monitor devices in real time across multiple locations.



Whether it's designer clothing, high-end bags, or luxury fragrances, our tracking devices seamlessly integrate into merchandise, providing discreet yet effective security measures. Our retail GPS tracking solutions ensure that every item is monitored for motion and movement both within and outside the store premises - allowing retailers to stay ahead of potential theft events, be it a safe-cutting alert or a full-scale robbery.

Cosmetics Request a call

Cosmetics, Health & Beauty

In the cosmetics and beauty industry, safeguarding valuable products is essential to combat theft and protect profit margins. Ensurity offers advanced covert tracking solutions created to seamlessly blend into the retail environment without raising suspicion. Whether it's high-end perfumes, skincare products, or luxury cosmetics, our tracking devices provide high-end security while remaining discreet and unobtrusive.