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Expose ORC Networks With Our Technology

Reshape your product security with Ensurity's ORC solutions. Our user-friendly tracking portal puts you in charge and gives you comprehensive insights while our vigilant call center team remains on standby, ready to respond as soon as there is evidence of tampering or theft. Unlike other solutions that need charging, our covert GPS solutions boast extended battery life, meaning you can set and forget it. Our advanced technology allows for accurate location data, which aids law enforcement in tracking suspects and recovering stolen goods. It also helps them understand and uncover the full extent of organized retail crime rings to take down ORC operations and, ultimately, reduce the frequency of crime events.

Stop in-store robberies

With Ensurity's discreet tracking devices, in-store robberies become a thing of the past. Inconspicuously incorporated into any kind of stock or asset, our devices provide unmatched convenience and reliability for retailers and law enforcement alike.

Stop in-store robberies
Supply Chain Theft

Mitigate supply chain theft

From warehouse to final destination, Ensurity's covert tracking devices safeguard your products at every stage of the supply chain journey. Offering invaluable insights to prevent and address supply chain theft swiftly.

Secure tracking portal

Our intuitive tracking portal empowers businesses with oversight, making real-time monitoring across multiple locations simple. With customizable dispatch solutions and a very long battery life, our portal captures information that increases the likelihood of apprehension post-theft events.

Straightforward deployment

Our covert tracking solutions are designed for effortless deployment, requiring no specialized training. Combined with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive features, Ensurity's ORC solutions allow clients to integrate and manage their security systems with minimal effort.

Supply Chain Theft

Enhance law enforcement operations

Elevate law enforcement operations with the invaluable support of our covert GPS devices that offer real-time monitoring and advanced motion detection capabilities to help law enforcement understand the entire scope of ORC operations.

Safeguard retail environments

Create safer environments for customers and staff with proactive security measures that can help to prevent theft incidents and protect valuable assets. Our comprehensive solutions go beyond traditional methods, offering advanced features designed to detect and address security threats promptly.