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Safeguard valuables across diverse industries with custom covert GPS solutions

Whether in retail, law enforcement, or combating organized retail crime, we're here to help you safeguard your assets with our innovative, covert GPS tracking devices.

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Tailored Solutions For Every Industry

Ensurity redefines asset protection across various industries with its innovative covert tracking solutions. Our custom-made solutions are designed to address the unique challenges faced by businesses across various sectors. Whether you're in retail, combating organized retail crime (ORC), or working in law enforcement, Ensurity has the perfect solution to bolster your security strategy.


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Our tailored covert tracking solutions for the retail sector offer exceptional battery life and seamless integration into merchandise, whether it's luxury accessories, consumer electronics, cosmetics, or home improvement items. Easy to deploy and requiring no training, our discreet devices provide actionable intelligence on the movement of goods and can give you real-time inventory tracking across multiple locations.

Backed by our 24/7 live monitoring center, certified by UL and The Monitoring Association, retailers can respond swiftly to any anomalies, protecting their assets throughout the supply chain journey.

ORC and Investigations

Revolutionize your security strategy with our dynamic covert tracking devices, the frontline defense against organized retail crime (ORC). Deploying our custom solutions empowers businesses to grasp the full extent of theft rings for powerful asset protection. Take control with our intuitive web interface where you can set alerts effortlessly while our vigilant call center stands guard, ready to act swiftly at any indication of tampering or theft. Benefit from covert GPS solutions with a battery that lasts years in the field providing pinpoint accuracy, aiding law enforcement in apprehending suspects and recovering stolen goods. So, by leveraging our advanced technology, law enforcement agencies can uncover the full scope of organized retail crime rings, build strong cases against ringleaders, take down ORC operations, effectively reduce the frequency of crime events, and recover caches of stolen assets.

Law Enforcement

Arm law enforcement with the indispensable tools and information they need to combat crime effectively: Whether conducting surveillance on a suspect vehicle, monitoring controlled deliveries, or actively pursuing a suspect, our custom tracking and sensor solutions provide unparalleled support and technology to enhance law enforcement operations. Designed to be versatile and discreet, our products can be seamlessly integrated into bait objects or attached to vehicles, delivering real-time GPS tracking crucial for suspect pursuit and property recovery. With a user-friendly interface, batteries that last months - not weeks - and multiple deployment options, they are easy to implement in the field, requiring no extensive training. From controlled deliveries to stolen vehicles and beyond, Ensurity’s law enforcement solutions assist law enforcement in protecting communities.