Batt Ensurity

Safeguards and ensures recovery of installed hardware.

High-energy density commercial batteries are an attractive target for thieves. Batt Ensurity is a small GPS tracker that can be placed inside a battery pack to monitor its location and recover it in the event of theft.

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Batt Ensurity can be hidden covertly inside most lead or lithium ion battery packs

Self Charging

Set and forget it. With automatic charging the device takes care of itself.

24/7/365 monitoring

If we spot anything unusual, we will alert you and coordinate with law enforcement


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How it works

Place Batt Ensurity with regular units

Position a product embedded with Batt Ensurity with others of its kind.

Use our simple web interface to monitor and set alerts

We create a geofence around the battery enclosure, base station or warehouse and as long as it's inside that geofence, Batt Ensurity will not be triggered.

In case of tampering or theft

Or any suspicious activity, get instant texts & emails on your pre-configured channels.


Aided by Batt Ensurity's pin-point accuracy law enforcement will be able to apprehend the suspect(s) and recover stolen goods.

We've deployed thousands of tracking devices, giving real-time visibility to businesses and law enforcement.

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